Preparing the Future

A coach empowers a person to see a possible future,
and believe it can be obtained.

Our Coaches

Ladder Down is proud to work with some of the industry’s finest leaders. Lynn Moran and Marianne Trost bring a wealth of experience in both the business world and the legal profession to the Ladder Down program. They have been incredible advocates for Ladder Down since its inception and are a motivating factor behind the participants’ success.
Lynn Moran

Lynn Moran

Arizona Coaching and Consulting

Lynn Moran, MBA, ACC, BCC is a Professional and Board Certified Coach.   She is a Business Advisor and Executive Leadership Coach. With more than 30 years of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a history of success to her coaching and consulting clients. Lynn spent 26 years working for Mars, Inc. where she developed broad-based leadership skills. In 1999, she was promoted to President of Ethel M® Chocolates and also served on the Leadership Team responsible for managing the $7 Billion RSV domestic food and pet businesses for Mars.   She has received business and leadership awards including one of the Most Influential Businesswomen in Southern Nevada in 2002. She was also inducted into the MARS Tie Club which is the highest performance and leadership award given by the Owners of the Company; is one of 125 Distinguished Alumni at Centenary College and is a Fairleigh Dickinson University PINNACLE Award recipient which is given to alumni who have distinguished themselves personally and professionally. After retiring from Mars, Lynn held an executive leadership position with Russ Berrie.


Marianne Trost

Marianne Trost

The Women Lawyers Coach

Marianne Trost is The Women Lawyers Coach. Her career spans 20 years of working exclusively with attorneys in the areas of business and professional development. Her mission is to guide, teach, and inspire attorneys to grow their own books of business and manage their careers strategically. Marianne is a nationally recognized and award-winning business development trainer, coach, and speaker.  She has worked successfully with more than 2,000 attorneys in the U.S. and  Canada in a variety of practice areas to help them grow their books of business and achieve their professional goals.  Marianne has presented at DRI Women in the Law, Women Legal, the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, the San Diego Lawyers Club, the Arizona Women Lawyers Association and numerous law schools and legal industry organizations. She is a former co-chair of the National Association of Women Lawyers Survey Committee on the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms and a former international columnist for Women Legal magazine published in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia.



Beth realized through her research that one of the reasons women are not maintaining top positions in their firms, and not developing independent books of business, is lack of proper training. Firms expect partners to bring in their own clients, yet few firms have training programs that teach associates how to do so.

Male associates appear to struggle with this fact less than females, and women often face bigger challenges when they try to assume leadership roles or take credit for their accomplishments. Beth and Alison realized that women needed training geared specifically toward helping them embrace their natural talents in order to empower them to overcome societal barriers.

The Ladder Down program kicks-off with two sessions on leadership training geared toward increasing emotional intelligence through self-awareness. Lynn Moran guides participants through the Myers-Briggs and TKI Conflict Resolution assessments and gives them a better understanding of who they are, how they process information, and how they communicate with others. Her instruction is key to understanding the women’s different communication and leadership styles. The women in the Ladder Down program become aware of the traits associated with each of the 16 different types, and come to recognize how crucial this awareness can be in both internal and external communication and business development.

The next stage in the Ladder Down program is the business development boot-camp led by Marianne Trost. Her instruction is invaluable to learning the many components of successful business development and skills such as asking for business – a task that often does not come easily to women. Over the course of four Saturday morning sessions, the women participate in hands-on exercises that strengthen their ability to state accomplishments, network, and state their value. Marianne’s focus is on teaching the women how to make business development work for them through maximizing their natural strengths and not conforming to a “one size fits all” business development model. She provides tips and real life examples to the participants on all of the key components that lead to successful rainmaking.

What People Are Saying

Ladder Down gave me the support and encouragement I needed to move forward in an area that was unfamiliar to me – being in business for myself. I gained new insights into who I am and how I relate to others, and there was a wealth of information about how to develop business for both small and big firms alike. I will always value the information I received and the friendships I made along the way.
Rebecca L. CovellLaw Office of Rebecca L. Covell
Ladder Down is an exceptional program that I am very proud to be a part of.  The leadership and business generation skills it taught me have proven invaluable to my practice.  It is an innovative program with a practical and candid approach that I do not think I would get anywhere else.  I loved every minute of it and look forward to continue to build on the skills I learned and friendships I made.
Lorena Van AsscheEngelman Berger
Ladder Down has taught me how to pursue business opportunity but, most importantly, has prepared me to take advantage of business opportunity when it presents itself.  The program has helped me generate a sincere confidence in my abilities as a lawyer and the value I bring to my firm, my clients and my community.
Alicyn FreemanBroening Oberg Woods & Wilson