What is Ladder Down

Ladder Down is a year-long program that provides direct training and career development through a combination of coaches, sponsors, and participants to empower women lawyers in three critical areas:  leadership, business development, and mentoring.

Our Coaches

The best coaches and career counselors in the industry have come together to advise our participants.

Our Coaches

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide the money, space, support, and other resources to allow our coaches and participants to concentrate on the most important aspect of the program – women lawyers helping each other succeed.

Our Sponsors

Our Participants

These women lawyers are taking control of their careers and helping other women to do the same.

Our Participants

Why Do We Need Ladder Down

The statistics are jarring.


of equity partners in the nation’s largest 200 firms are women


of equity partners in the largest 100 firms are female minorities


of firms' equity partners are women even though they make up 70 percent of the businesses' staff lawyers

These trends prevail even though women have continued to enter the practice of law for the past three decades at a rate of at least 40% of law school graduates every year. (Source: Report of the Eighth Annual NAWL National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms, www.nawl.org, February 25, 2014.)

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